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Local Asbestos Removal Contractors in Sydney

The team at VIP Asbestos Removal Sydney are dedicated to helping businesses, homeowners and people just like yourself removing asbestos. Asbestos is a hazardous fibre that can linger in  buildings for years, bringing down property values and potentially threatening your health.


Having served the Sydney area in this way for more than ten years, we have come to know the different ways asbestos has been installed locally, and become specialists in removing the material safely, efficiently and completely.

Asbestos has been used as a building material since the late nineteenth century, and has been installed in many different fashions at different times before being banned not so very long ago. It has seen use as fireproofing, building insulation, sound-proofing and even as electrical insulation.

Because its use has been so varied, it takes a true expert to detect and remove it safely and effectively. We’ve spent more than ten years becoming the type of experts Sydney needs to asses and deal with its asbestos concerns.


Our vision is of a Sydney without any of the illnesses that inhaling asbestos dust can cause. Mesothelioma, certain lung cancers and asbestosis could be, and should be, things of the past. We just have some work to do getting there.

The irony is, of course, that to remove the material a few people do have to risk exposure in the process. That is why we never lose our focus on safety, including strict compliance with all government and industry materials handling standards, and many years of boots-on-the-ground, real world experience actually working with the material.


Our mission is a fairly simple one. We want eventually to remove all of the asbestos-based materials in all of Sydney’s homes, businesses and industrial sites. Moreover, we aim to do that without exposing our workers or anyone else to the material in any harmful way.

Actually achieving all that is where things get complicated. We have embraced that complexity, though, and made certain that we have what it takes to achieve this mission the right way. We have invested in the training and equipment our people need to rapidly and accurately assess whether asbestos of any kind is present at a site, to judge whether it places the people living or working I the building at any current risk, and to do the dangerous work of removing the asbestos when that is the best option.

To find out more or to book an inspection with one of our contractors contact our team today.